Three Titanfall Beginner Tips

So you’re a new Titanfall pilot and you want to quickly learn things so you can dominate the game, or simply not get killed. You need to have a strategy and keep that strategy in mind as you swiftly move through the Frontier. And that’s the challenge –you need to think on your feet, which is kind of exhilarating as you are always on the move if you want to live. Stop and rest, and you die. But with all the different pilot loadouts, titan classes and loadouts, pilot moves, maps, perks and burncards, where do you start with thinking up strategy? Here are three Titanfall beginner tips for you.

1. Use the Minimap!

Pay attention to the minimap at all times as it will show you useful information like the locations of enemy soldiers, titans and the AI, and where your teammates are. The map will show different color-coded moving circles that represent pilots, AI minions, and spectres. The minimap will also show you the danger zones, if you’re being surrounded and if there are any AIs you can easily kill off. You’ll also know if there’s a pilot about to shoot at you and your teammates and basically will tell you where friends and enemies are. The minimap is so crucial to your survival and success that it’s the one tool you need to get to know.

Here’s a video by UBU the Tech Guru that explains this.

2. Learn all the pilot moves.

Before I played Titanfall, I played a lot of Call of Duty, and that gave me a slow start to Titanfall. COD is basically played on the ground with soldiers walking around and shooting. You need to learn to play Titanfall with quick feet and a quicker mind. Titanfall is not a stay-on-your-feet game; it puts you constantly on the move and the pace can get frantic. So from the beginning, learn to parkour, wall-run, wall-hang, fly the ziplines, turbo boost and etc. Once you go go crazy with the stunts, the movements start feeling amazingly natural and it is this feature that differentiates Titanfall from COD, Battlefield and other shooters.

Make use of your surroundings to boost your play. You can use walls and billboards as covers, but you can also use them as launch pads. The zip lines are really cool and you can learn to shoot while gliding through them.
Here’s a great montage done up by YouGotBrained showing some pilot moves.

3. Remember your objective.

Your purpose is not to simply kill and destroy, fun as they are. There’s a specific team objective to the game and you can formulate a mix of specific tactics to complete these objective. That means you need to know pilot and titan loadouts as well as perks and burn cards to come up with good strategems to complete the objective of the game.

The objectives are the central goals in Titanfall gamemodes, and these gamemodes are: Hardpoint Domination, Attrition, Last Titan Standing, Capture the Flag, and Pilot Hunter. We’ll discuss the different games modes and their objectives in a later post.

Here’s a video made by player Danomight that shows planning a mixture of tactics can help your team reach the Objective. Here he plays Hardpoint Domination. The Objective is for each team to capture as many points as they can. It sounds simple but actually can get quite complicated and drawn out. Here’s the video.

More Titanfall beginner tips and videos coming soon.

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